Volume 13, Issue 3, Fall 1995

Help! There's a Bat in my House!

Because of BCI's atypical expertise, we are often the first and only resource for individuals, public health departments, and pest control operators who need information about contact with bats, safe bat exclusion techniques, and public health issues. As a result, our public information staff responds to hundreds of phone calls, faxes, letters, and e-mail messages each month. Without authoritative information, simple nuisance problems will often become exaggerated media stories that can seriously harm bats.

Our information service is an essential part of BCI's educational mission, but it continues to take a sizable bite out of our general operations fund. We very much need extra help in meeting this challenge.

If you would like to support our public information outreach with an additional contribution, please write to:

Arnold Phifer
Director of Development
Bat Conservation International
P.O. Box 162603
Austin, Texas 78716

Please note that when making contributions to BCI in addition to your membership renewals, it's a big help to our staff if you include your member number. Your number can be found on the mailing label of this magazine. Thank you.

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