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Volume 12, Issue 1, Spring 1994


BCI often has special needs ranging from assistance with funding conservation and education projects, to enabling staff attendance at conferences and workshops, and purchasing office equipment. Your help can make a big difference. For more information, or to make a donation, please call Cindy Lind at BCI, 512-327-9721.

Assistance to Conservationists
BCI annually provides honorary memberships to worthy conservationists in other countries. Their participation in saving bats is vital to progress, yet they often cannot afford to pay for membership. Your help will keep them informed. We will tell you who you have assisted and acknowledge your gift to the recipient(s). (Thanks to you, 12 memberships have been sponsored since December; please help us with the remaining 16 for $30 each or a total of $480.)

Travel Assistance
Attendance at research conferences is vital for BCI staff to stay current and to network with others. Your help in enabling five program staff members and students to attend the 24th Annual North American Symposium on Bat Research in Guadalajara, Mexico would be greatly appreciated ($1,200 each).

As BCI grows, so do the demands on our two office printers. An HP Laserjet 4 printer would enable us to support cost-saving desktop publishing efforts and additional staff ($2,100).

Filing Cabinet(s)
As a result of our continual growth, additional filing space is urgently needed. Four 36" or 48" lateral filing cabinets, 3 or 4 drawer, would be most appreciated ($400 each).

BCI's Xerox copy machine is old and now in need of constant repair. We are seeking a new Xerox 5028 copier. Replacing this equipment would greatly assist our efficiency ($5,000).

BCI thanks Dr. and Mrs. R. Bernstein, Lewisburg, PA, for donating a Kodak Ektographic Audio/Viewer Projector and Joette Martin, Nutley, NJ, for donating a 486 IBM-compatible computer. Special thanks also to Patricia Reber, Marietta, GA, for sponsoring two foreign conservationists and to a generous anonymous donor for sponsoring 10.

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