Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer 1991

One-Day Bat Study Workshop

Attendance was high at BCI's second series of one-day bat study workshops held in Burbank, California in March. They were organized by Dr. M. Brock Fenton, one of North America's leading bat biologists, and assisted by Dr. Jackie Belwood, BCI's Science Director, California bat biologist Dr. Patricia Brown, and a staff of Fenton's graduate students from York University in Ontario, Canada. Designed for both professionals and laypersons, the workshops combined lectures on many aspects of bat biology with informal hands-on working group sessions. Jackie Belwood (left) led several of the groups and introduced participants to Zuri, BCI's straw-colored flying fox. The next one-day bat study workshop will be held at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada on September 29, 1991. For more information, contact Janet Debelak at BCI, 512/327-9721.

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