Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 1988


Arthur M. Greenhall and Uwe Schmidt, Editors
CRC Press, Inc., 1988 246 pages

Natural History of Vampire Bats provides by far the most detailed account of vampire biology yet compiled. Twenty-three leading authorities cover a wide range of topics from systematics, distribution, paleontology, anatomy and reproduction to behavior, ecology, economic damage, control, care in captivity and even legends. An introductory chapter places vampires in perspective, emphasizing that most of Latin America's 250 species of bats are highly beneficial and the importance of species-specific control measures. Although highly technical, the book is easily readable and of interest to some laymen. It provides a wealth of information that should prove invaluable to all who work with vampires, though its advertised price of $145 ($170 outside the U.S.) may preclude use where it is most needed.

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