Volume 3, Issue 2, Summer 1986

Books of Interest

Sylvia A. Johnson
Lerner Publications Company, 1985
48 pp., $10.95

BATS is an excellent introductory book for children (especially for grades 5-8). It promotes the values and conservation needs of bats and is liberally illustrated with high quality color photographs by Modoki Masuda and Dr. Merlin Tuttle.

BATS OF ALBERTA, "the real story"
Margo Pybus
Alberta Energy and Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Division, 1986 1 6 pp., no charge

BATS OF ALBERTA provides an outstanding introduction to bats as they relate to people. it includes life history accounts for nine species of Canadian bats, most of which are commonly encountered in the United States as well. Sections on public health concerns and on control of unwanted bats are especially well balanced and useful anywhere in North America. This booklet is factually accurate, interestingly written, and is a resource that could be helpful to many public health professionals.

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