Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 1984

Whipsnade Artificial Bat Cave

An artificial bat cave, designed by Dr. Robert Stebbings, is to be built in London Zoo's Whipsnade Park in England. This project, in conjunction with the Zoological Society of Lands and the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, will test the feasibility of attracting bats to a new "cave." In the past 15 years several blocked bat roosts have been reopened, and recolonization has been observed.

The Whipsnade cave will be dug as an angled trench in sedimentary rock. It will be covered with concrete and about 1.4 meters of soil, to provide sufficient insulation. The environment created will be designed to provide the temperature range required for hibernating bats.

The cave will be protected from public entry, which would disturb the bats, but it will be accompanied by an exhibit to educate park visitors about the needs of bats.

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